Who is ProPay

ProPay is a wholly owned South African Entity that was established 1986. It is a membership based financial transaction partner with over 2,000,000 members, and 65,000 employer groups on its databases, and works seamlessly with all major banks in Southern Africa, as well as the South African Government (with interface capabilities into PERSAL, PERSOL) to collect membership / donor-based dues.

Our Pedigree

Through our software and systems, ProPay is one of the largest bank switching intermediaries in SA, and with a 30+ year history in servicing large membership organisations, ProPay has become the leading trade-union administrator in South Africa. Some of our clients include The Solidarity Movement (which includes the Solidarity Trade Union, Afriforum Human/Civil Rights Organisation, Helpende Hand Charity, Afrisake (Now Called Sakeliga), and many other trade unions and affiliated membership-based organisations such as BCAWU, CWU, and HOSPERSA to name only a few.

Our Technology

The ProPay System is a Membership Management System that has been developed over 30 years and has Member Growth, Member Service and Member Retention built into the very core of the source code. ProPay knows that new customer/member acquisition costs are roughly seven times what it costs to keep a member serviced. That is why ProPay has built an end to end ecosystem of modules that makes sure that when a member is recruited and brought onto the system, the cost of servicing that member within the software environment is low, which in turn improves our client’s revenue generation capabilities and boosts bottom line profitability almost immediately.

Why we’re the best

ProPay have a proven implementation approach and methodology, whereby our Professional Services team work in partnership with our clients to deliver the solution into the business in a fast, efficient and effective manner; enabling quantifiable and auditable value almost immediately.

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