The ProPay Membership module is the heart of the ProPay System. All activities in all other modules culminate in one area of Member Management. With our powerful Membership Management software, application processes can either be fully automated or managed by employees or call centre agents – all depending on your business rules and needs. Pro-Membership is the place where all information regarding a member is securely stored, and includes standard information that accommodates features such as:

  • Different Membership types & 'Pay For'
  • Membership Rules & Preferences
  • Demography & Geography
  • Banking & Dues Collection Details
  • Banking & Dues Collection Details
  • Full Audit Trails
  • Document Cloud
  • Tax & Financial Statements
  • Tax & Financial Statements
  • Service History
  • Event Calendar


Pro-Recon is a financial module that allows guaranteed knowledge of members & member movement. With this technology, we collect, scan and import all financial reconciliations from employers (membership contributions, donations, association fees and so on). These recons are then processed against actual monies deposited into our clients’ bank accounts. Every recon must balance and variances reported on. The software essentially allows stop-order management, member to payment reconciliation and the associated operational & financial information reporting from processing these reconciliations, we are further able to establish:

  • Non paying members
  • Newly recruited Members
  • Resigning Members
  • Short paying members
  • Membership loss, Retrenchments etc
  • Non paying employers


Subscription Collection- The Life Blood of ALL membership. Using Pro-Finance, we collect dues, donations, subscriptions, loans, insurance products & any other products our clients wish to offer their members. Each member on the database is given a unique debtors account, capable of storing multiple ledgers for each of the products the member has accepted from the membership organisation or association. This essentially allows:

  • Revenue Management
  • Membership Subscription Set-up
  • Financial Data-set creation
  • Inter-functioning platform (with banks)


Standardised & Customised reports are made accessible on a Microsoft Report Writing Server for our all ProPay system users. These range from high level “dashboard” views to every level of detail required to manage, track & forecast the growth of our clients. Our integration into Power BI and other business intelligence platforms allows for a rich understanding of what state the membership organisation is in.


Our embedded ‘CRM’ functionality that has been designed to suit membership-based organisations, and not B2B customers. Using Pro-Comm, Membership organisations can communicate with their databases within seconds. This communication engine has the power to strategically segment members by any type of information that has been captured against the membership information. Automated messaging makes it possible for our clients to send birthday wishes, anniversary messages, or even payment reminders - automatically. Our communication capabilities include:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp (Beta)
  • Social Engagement (Beta)


Effective Bank Collection Methods | Debit Order & Credit Card Collections made Simple. Using the power of Pro-Switch, we manage our clients Debit Orders and Credit Card transactions. This includes:

  • AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Orders)
  • NAEDO (Non-Authenticated Early Debit Orders)
  • Automatic CDV (Check Digit Verification) pre-validates bank accounts to determine if account numbers are consistent with bank and branch validations. This facilitates the accurate capturing of data prior to submitting transactions, reducing returned or rejected transactions and associated costs

Pro-Service Net

ProPay knows that new member acquisition costs are roughly seven times what it costs to keep a member serviced. Pro-ServiceNet manages all member queries in a task and event format, then delivers these tasks to accountable individuals who action on the members need. The Power of Pro-Service Net is in its ability to direct all the member queries to the proper point of call within the member organisation or association, enhancing member service which inturn leads to higher rates of member retention.

Pro-Legal (Union Specific)

Controlling Legal Costs and case information at the member record is an essential tool for all trade unions to have at their finger tips. The Pro-Legal Module was designed to effortlessly manage all labour cases in a Trade Union environment. Using the power of Pro-Legal the process of managing members’ Legal Cases becomes effortless. This, combined with the cloud document storage assigned to each member means that unions are able to not only manage a members’ case, but empower the member to prepare accordingly.


Growing Membership organisations is about continually educating them within the areas of specialisation that the organisation or association operates. With Pro-Ed, organisation can push out training materials to their membership base, and store all certificates and other digital materials right at the member record. The module allows for the identification and tracking of existing skills & subsequent training that might be required – producing a GAP Analysis. The functionality together with supporting processes ensure well qualified members growing within the membership organisation Pro-Ed therefore facilitates the effective deployment of the most suitable person with the correct qualification in the right job.


Having a service bot was a novelty. Having a proper support platform between our client and ourselves has been part of our success. As our clients come from many different types of organisations with many different types of operating structures, Pro-Client allows the organisation to interact directly with ProPay and consolidate all support requests. Be the requests minor enhancements, integrations, larger development projects or compliment driven, Pro-Client is the task manager to ensure all requests are not only sent to the correct person within ProPay but are resolved in the shortest available time. Pro-Client further stores a full audit trail of the works completed for future reference.


Pro-Operations was specifically created to give our clients with multiple branch structures across a specific region a decentralisation option to running their organisations through our software platforms. This enabled enhanced functionality within all branch structures including operational staff in the field such as organisers and volunteers. Pro-Operations further allows field operatives to generate leads by harvesting and uploading event attendance lists and registers, and attribute new member activations and their associated revenue within the organisation to that specific region and field operative. Reporting then allows heads office operational staff to manage performance of field operatives and reward in line with the parent organisation’s rules.


Everyone is Accountable | Increased Productivity Pro-Workflow is a built in task and project management application for the membership organisation and association. It allows the tracking of tasks from beginning to end, delegating subtasks to teammates, and setting deadlines to make sure that any person within the membership organisation completes their projects on time. It means organisational staff can keep their tasks in one place, they can prioritise work and increase efficiencies through improved collaboration. It makes sense to manage operational staff within a membership organisation on the same platform because it drives member growth, facilitates member service and ensures member retention.


The Pro-Sure module is designed to manage insurance products offered to members within the database. The system, which caters for multiple product and associated cover types, automatically calculates insurance premiums based on the member’s identified requirements and has the option of emailing the applicable quotations. The module provides a turnkey solution wherein policies can be automatically generated from approved quotations. Insurance premiums are then automatically collected from members according to product provider collection rules. In addition to providing comprehensive reporting on collections and rejections, the system also reports on new members and terminating members etc.


Apart from our software being fully responsive and general functionality being available in APP format, ProPay can custom design and develop mobile applications highly bespoke to the needs and rules of a specific organisation.


The Pro-Treasury module manages the collection and payment of funds within a virtual environment. Ecosystem principals, related third parties and other stakeholders are provided with virtual accounts with transactional ability. Transactions within the virtual environment include transfers, payments, statements and balance enquiries. These virtual accounts are linked to a single group treasury account which is fully audible across the ecosystem.

Pro-Kiosk /Pro-Station

Pro-Station is an additional system delivery option introduced to allow specific clients (with limited access to connectivity or mobile technology), the ability to engage with the system. The Pro-Station implementation typically involves the installation of Kiosks at locations where members gather. Members are then able to communicate with the organisation (like a trade union for example) in terms of member benefits, financial queries, legal cases and general enquiries. To learn more about our software and managed services please view our software page or leave you name and number for us to call you back.