Our History

More than 30 years ago, Peter Wesseloo, ProPay’s founder and CEO identified a need for effective Trade Union membership systems and managed services in South Africa. Trade Unions found themselves at the mercies of unscrupulous employers, who exploited their lack of understanding of membership-based administration and thus kept them both poor and ignorant. Because of Peter’s passion for people and everyone’s right to work and provide for their families, he founded ProPay on the idealism of establishing a cornerstone business in the South African economy that empowered Trade Unions to be the light for the working class.

Working closely with some of South Africa’s largest Trade Unions, ProPay delivered administrative systems and services, and began developing the software, systems and managed services that many of South Africa’s Trade Unions and affiliated organisations run off today.

From Debit Orders to Membership Management

Over the years, the ProPay system has evolved from a debit order collection and administrations-based company focussing on Trade Unions, to a fully-fledged Membership Relationship Management (MRM) ecosystem of software and managed services.

Our solutions are highly suited to any club, council, non-profit organisation that is either membership based, donor based, or fellowship based including casual and professional associations of all types, some of which include:

  • Trade Unions
  • Political Parties
  • Foundations & Charities
  • Churches & Religious Associations
  • Business Organisations & Chambers of Commerce
  • Networking Groups
  • Alumni Associations, SRC Councils & Fraternities
  • Motorcycle & Cycling Clubs
  • Timeshare & Vacation Clubs
  • Running, Fitness & Sports Clubs
  • Rotary Clubs & Community Service Associations

To learn more about our software and managed services please view our software page or leave you name and number for us to call you back.